The SociBike is the safest, most comfortable, and sustainable electrically assisted cargo bike. With the SociBike, you always have the wind at your back! It has all the best features you could wish for in a cargo bike, and it looks fantastic too!

Specifications of the SociBike

Value transport

Your loved ones must be safe

Unexpected things can happen in traffic, and your cargo bike has to be prepared for that. The two angled front wheels offer more stability and safety than two-wheeled cargo bikes.

Hatch open, hatch closed!

Our must have feature!

Children and dogs keep getting heavier. Thanks to the front hatch, loading and unloading is easier than ever, much easier than a car.

Fits through every door

Put the bike easily inside

You like to keep your own property in a safe place. SociBike is designed to fits through every standard door. You can safely put your SociBike behind the fence door in the garden without any fuss, or inside in the house.

Enviolo automatic gearbox

Shifting is so 1996

Each SociBike is equipped with a Enviolo automatic gearbox as standard. If you are driving in traffic with a heavy load, or you want to go fast on the flat, the SociBike has got you covered! You can enjoy the weather, ride with you children or dog with one less thing to worry about.

Bafang mid-drive

Comfortable and safe

Electric bikes can be fitted with two types of motor, a mid-drive (bottom-bracket) type or a front wheel hub type. So why a mid-drive on the SociBike? A mid-drive system reacts quicker to your pedaling input, leading to a more natural feel to your bike. The motor only gives you assistance when you need it, it stops when you stop. The result is a more comfortable and safe riding experience.

Specially developed mudguards

It’s always good to look after your fingers

One of the nicest things about children is they are always curious, what happens if I put my fingers in the spokes? For example. This is why we specifically developed the SociBike mudguards to protect you from spray while also protecting the curious ones from the wheels.

Robust luggage rack

Friends can come too

Whether you are carrying children or your heavy shopping, the SociBike is up to the task. The SociBike is one of the few cargo bikes with a high capacity luggage rack. Perfect for an extra child seat or some pannier bags. You really can carry everything.

Seat belts

Ready for take off

We did not only look at the hydraulic disc brakes of Formula 1, but also the three-point seat belts. Children think they’re cool, parents find it a reassurance.

Hydraulic disk brakes

Hopefully they don’t loose their breakfast

Sometimes there aren’t enough minutes in the day and you need to go fast. Luckily the SociBike is fitted with hydraulic disk brakes, a technology originally developed for Formula 1, so you can stop quickly and precisely. You can take comfort in the knowledge that you will be able to react quickly to the unexpected.

Large range

Come on, nice summer day

Batteries are expensive, so as a bicycle manufacturer, you can economize on it the easiest. If you just want to enter the bridge with three children and the weekend groceries, your battery is empty. You still come grumpy and sweaty, and too late. We do not like that kind of compromise. That’s why every SociBike standard has a 720 Wh battery. Depending on the circumstances, you can drive about 100 km.

And there was light

And it works

We went into battle with loose hanging lights, slipping dynamos and empty batteries. Lighting just has to do it. That’s why we used two impact-resistant headlights in the frame, and we worked out the wiring properly. The taillight and headlights work via the main battery and can be switched on and off via the control panel.

Specifications of the SociBike

Technical specifications


Dimensions (lxbxh) 212,5 x 80 x 120 cm
Weight 60 kg
Colour Available in 65 RAL-colours
Rear Frame Aluminium
Front Frame Electroplated steel
Wheels Ryde double wall, Andra 40
Spokes 13G
Tyres Schwalbe big apple plus
Front Wheels 24 inch
Rear Wheels 26 inch
Lights Double front integrated lights, single rear light, powered by main battery, controllable from handlebars
Gearbox Enviolo CT with automatic shifting
Brake System Zoom HB- 870-T-2 hydraulic disk brakes, front 180 mm, rear 160 mm. with double parking brake
Chain Protector Hebie Chainglider
Luggage Rack High capacity luggage rack, 45kg capacity


Dimensions (lxbxh) 80 x 47 x 50 cm
Loading Front with bottom pivot hatch door
Safety Two x three point safety harnesses
Capacity 2 children
Seat material Shock absorbing expanded polypropylene (EPP) foam
Box Capacity max. 100 kg

Pedal support

Motor Bafang Max Drive mid-drive motor
Power 250 Watt, 36 Volt
Torque 80 Nm
Battery 720 Wh, 36 Volt, 20 Ah. Li – Ion
Range 45 – 100 km. dependent on load, weather and road surface

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